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Semiconductor Technology Institute (STI) was created to fill what appears to be an all too frequent deficiency in the training requirements of today's high technology semiconductor industry. On the upper end, venues such as the American Vacuum Society maintain a history of providing a wide variety of excellent courses presented by excellent instructors. However, their courses are not usually available outside a scheduled regional meeting.

On the other end, numerous training companies provide only introductory courses taught by instructors with little-to-no wafer fab experience. Under these conditions, many short course students return to their wafer fab with inferior materials along with what could politely be said to be a 'less than memorable' experience.

STI is here to fill the gap between these two ends of the training spectrum. We are a consortium of professional individuals who have a myriad of quality experience in either the semiconductor manufacturing industry or a student campus. Our resume's show over 250 years experience working as either wafer fab process scientists, engineers, technicians, and maintenance personnel or as a member of a high school, business or trade school, college, or university faculty.

Because of this large wealth of experience, it will be our policy for a technical training advisory committee to periodically review each course. This evaluation process will include review of course notes to ensure accuracy and that coverage of various manufacturing and process technologies are up-to-date and reflect state-of-the-art methods. In addition, instructor evaluations reviewed with recommended follow-up action whenever correction is warranted.

We believe that there is a distinct relationship between the quality of the instructor and the training materials provided. Indeed, the importance of this relationship cannot be underestimated. Therefore we have adopted as our company banner: "Quality Materials - Quality Instruction ". We think that these two guidelines will provide each student with a training experience that will live long after any single course training day.

Many of our faculty members have worked at various suppliers of semiconductor manufacturing equipment. We maintain close relationships with these companies in order to ensure that we are always up-to-date on new process and support equipment as well as the latest developments in process technology.

And because of the diversity of our faculty members, we plan on several key facets: one: we will be able to provide courses internationally; two: we can adopt our courses to meet specific needs of our customers, including on-site presentations; three: each of our courses will maintain a backup instructor from the STI faculty; and four: we are able to provide our customers with professional training needs analysis as well as in-house training program evaluation and consultation. STI 1999

STI | Courses | Faculty

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