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SPC 101: Thermal Processes Overview

Course Description

This course reviews the fundamentals of statistical process control as it might be implemented in a modern wafer fab. It begins with an overview of process control as implemented in a generic bay of any manufacturing facility. An overview of many of the tools used in SPC is presented. Some of these tools, such as flow charts and cause-and-effect diagrams are qualitative rather than quantitative in nature, yet provide useful information about the manufacturing process. Other tools, such as gauge capability and process capability, describe the production process in a quantitative manner. The fundamentals of control charts are presented with real-life examples from various process bays of different fabs. Interpretation of control charts is examined through the use of common data patterns. And in a workshop environment, the attendee will be given the opportunity to understand and how to properly use the various SPC tools introduced in this course.

Course Objectives

This course provides:

  • An overview of process control
  • A discussion the mathematics of data population, samples, and statistics
  • A description of useful qualitative methods of analyzing data
  • An introduction to methods of tracking statistical data
  • A workshop that allows the student to use SPC tools and control charts

Who Should Attend?

This course is intended for operators, production supervisors, technicians, and equipment engineers, and other personnel who wish to acquire a modest introduction to statistical process control as used in the wafer fab.

Course Length: 1 day

Course Materials: Course Notes

Instructor: Robert Waits

Course Outline

  1. Introduction
  2. Fundamentals of Process Control
  3. SPC Mathematics
  4. Tools Used in SPC
  5. Modern Methods of Tracking Statistical Data
  6. Analyzing Control Charts: Patterns In Data
  7. Troubleshooting Control Charts
  8. Advanced SPC Techniques 8.1 Measurement Capability
    8.2 Process Potential Index - Cp
    8.3 Process Capability Index - Cpk
  9. Summary
  10. References
  11. Appendix 11.1 Definitions and Equations for a Gage Capability Study
    11.2 Glossary
    11.3 Dynamics of the Wafer Contour Map

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