Ion Implant Applications Manual
Edited by M. I. Current and C. B. Yarling
Ion Implantation Science And technology

This ambitious work will review most of the modern analytical and measurement techniques used in characterizing an ion implanted silicon wafer. Over 30 internationally renowned authors summarize in one reference information that would otherwise require the reader to refer up to ten or fifteen other texts. Included are new techniques recently developed in the last few years, but which have not been sufficiently covered in any other text. This book comprises reviews of dose measurement techniques (four-point probe, thermal-waves, ion density mapping), device level measurements (van der Pauw, threshold voltage), profile measures (including SIMS, neutron activation, SRP, C-V, AFM, and junction staining), lattice damage (e.g., TEM, RBS channeling, anodic etching) and electrical damage (capacitors, transistors, EEPROM devices), contamination measures (SIMS, TXRF, SPV, and various particle monitors), and an overview of implant process control.  500 pages. 8.5"x11" Soft Cover.


Materials and Process Char.1-889381-03-9$80.00

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