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ION 101: The Vocabulary of Ion Implantation Equipment and Operations

Course Description

A major contributor to inefficiency and/or errors in the day-to-day operation of ion implanters is a lack of general understanding of the basic underlying concepts and cause-and-effect relationships associated with this most difficult wafer process. This course focuses on the entire implant production process, from plasma generation (source) to ion transport (scanning, vacuum) to ion measurement (dosimetry). This course introduces the common language of ion implantation as used in today’s modern wafer fab. Graphics, illustrations, and quizzes are utilized to provide a stimulating and productive learning environment.

Course Objectives

  • Develop a common language to facilitate communication amongst diversely experienced personnel
  • Provide a foundation for further training in other related fields (RTP, Process Control, Metrology, etc.)
  • Learn about how an ion implanter really works
  • Understand critical cause and effects that jeopardize accurate implantation
  • Develop skills to reduce errors and improve productivity

Who Should Attend?

This course is designed for operators, supervisors, new process and equipment technicians, and all other personnel who desire a common language that is useful in understanding the fundamentals of ion implantation equipment and the implant process.


Course Length: 2 days

Course Materials: Course Notes; The Implant Glossary, by C. B. Yarling, Ion Beam Press (1997)

Instructor: Craig Heden


Course Outline

  • The Human Component - The 3 A’s
- Attitude
- Awareness
- Alertness
  • Process Interdependency in Ion Implant
  • Hazards and Safety
  • Atomic Theory
  • Ionization
  • Extraction
  • Vacuum
  • Analysis
  • Acceleration
  • Focus (optics)
  • Scanning
  • Dose Monitoring
  • Contamination
  • Electron Flood / Shower

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