Ion Implant Applications Manual
Second Edition, Edited by J. Zeigler
Ion Implantation Science And technology
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This is the schoolbook used for the Ion Implantation Technology School held in conjuction with the XI International Conference on Ion Implantation Technology (Austin, TX - 1996) and XII International Conference on Ion Implantation Technology (Kyoto, Japan - 1998). It contains 14 chapters written by twenty-two internationally renowned authors. Contents include:

ION IMPLANTATION APPLICATIONS: "Ion Implantation Applications in CMOS Process Technology" - R. Simonton, L. Rubin, and Y. Erokhin; "Advanced Applications of Ion Implantation for Electronic Material"s - M. I. Current, N. Cheung, P. Hemment, I. Yamada, and J. Matsuo.

ION IMPLANTATION SCIENCE: "Ion Implantation Physics" - J. F. Ziegler; "Radiation Damage and Annealing in Silicon after Ion Implantation" - J. Gyulai and K. S. Jones; "Annealing of Implantation Damage in Silicon" - K. S. Jones and J. Gyulai; "Channeling Effects in Ion Implantation into Silicon" - R. Simonton and A. Tasch.

ION IMPLANTATION TECHNOLOGY: "Modern Implanter Concepts" - H. Glawischnig, J. O'Connor, F. Sinclair, M. Harris, and M. I. Current; "Ion Source Physics" - K. Stephens; "Ion Source Operation and Maintenance" - M. Farley and R. Simonton; "Wafer Cooling and Charging in Ion Implantation" - M. Mack; "Contamination Problems in Ion Implantation" - H. Ryssel, M. I. Current, and L. Frey; "Photoresist and Particulate Problems" - T. C. Smith; "Ion Implantation Process Measurement, Characterization, and Control" - C. B. Yarling and M. I. Current; "Safety Considerations for Ion Implanters" - H. Ryssel and L. Frey.   752 pages (1996). 8.5"x11" Hard Cover.


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