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Hong Xiao - is a professor at Austin Community College (ACC) where he has been teaching courses in wafer fabrication processes in their Semiconductor Manufacturing Technology (SMT) program since 1998. He received his BS degree from the University of Science and Technology of China in 1982 and MS degree from Southwestern Institute of Physics in 1985.

After receiving his degrees, he spent four years doing theoretical and experimental research in electron cyclotron resonance (ECR) plasma heating at the China National Nuclear Corporation. In 1989, he went to The University of Texas at Austin to pursue a doctoral degree in Department of Physics. After receiving a Ph.D. degree in plasma physics in 1995, Dr. Xiao worked in Applied Materials as a senior technical instructor in their corporate Training Department, concentrating in the areas of plasma physics, deposition of thin film dielectrics, and semiconductor processing. Dr. Xiao is the author of 20 academic papers and a book entitled Semiconductor Manufacturing Technology, which is currently under review by Prentice-Hall. More information about Hong is available on his website:; he can be reached directly at: hxiao AT austincc DOT edu.

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