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Craig Heden - joined Signetics Corporation (now Philips Corp.) in 1978 as Senior Technician, specializing in high vacuum and ion implantation equipment. While at Signetics, Craig was the principle designer of the Sunnyvale Implant Center resulting in his taking many diverse roles, including Operations & Technical Supervisor & Senior Trainer (4yrs), Equipment/Process Engineering (7yrs), and briefly as Department Manager. From 1991 to present, Craig assumed positions specializing in equipment maintenance and upgrades, technical training, and process engineering with Ion Implant Services and Implant Center, two of the largest implant foundry companies in the United States. Mr. Heden graduated from Skyline College in 1972 is still actively involved as one of the earliest members of the Greater Silicon Valley Implant Users' Group (GSVIUG). Craig has written various technical papers on ion implantation, metrology, maintenance, and process control, including co-authoring a chapter entitled "Maintenance" in Basics of Ion Implantation, edited by Michael I.Current (Ion Beam Press, 1997). Craig can be reached at: CHeden AT aol DOT com.

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