Ion Implant Applications Manual
Edited by M. I. Current
Ion Implantation Science And technology

This book was first used as the schoolbook for the highly successful short courses on ion implantation presented by both the Greater Silicon Valley Implant Users' Group (1994) and Semiconductor Equipment and Materials Institute (1995). It is an attempt to collect the "lore" developed by the members of the GSVIUG and to communicate it in an effective manner to a wider audience. The contents consist of the following: "Ion Implantation for Bipolar-CMOS Device Fabrication" (M. I. Current), "How Implantation Systems Work" (L. A. Larson), "Process Challenges In Ion Implantation" (T. C. Smith and S. B. Felch), "Metrology Equipment" (W. A. Keenan, C. B. Yarling, and M. I. Current), "Monitoring the Implant Process (C. B. Yarling), "Using Statistics in the Implant Bay" (C. B. Yarling), "Basic Maintenance of Ion Implantation Equipment" (C. Heden and R. Parker), and "Safety in Ion Implantation Processing" (M. I. Current). It is the perfect resource on ion implantation: from the novice in the industry to an experienced employee who is new to ion implantation.  256 pages. 8.5"x11" Soft Cover.


Basics of Ion Implantation1-889381-02-0$35.00

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